Sunday 9th October: Everton vs Manchester United

Despite last Sunday’s 6-3 defeat to rivals Manchester City, the odds still favour Manchester United to win this weekend against Everton. But do the heavens agree?  

As favourites, Manchester United are represented by Venus (Lord 1) and Saturn (Lord 10, victory for the favourites).  

Hosts and rivals Everton are signified by Mars (Lord of the opposing 7th house, and dispositor of the Moon; ruler of the 4th house). 

The Moon, who describes how events will unfold during the match, applies to sextile Saturn. This, the only major lunar aspect over the 5-degree orb considered most reliable for a 90-minute football match, should award victory to the favourites.  

There are other considerations, however: Venus (Lord 1) is combust (within 8 degrees of the Sun). This is a serious debility which is likely to adversely impact the performance of the favourites, potentially reducing the number of goals they score.  

Are there any testimonies which favour Everton? The Part of Fortune is placed very close to the 7th house cusp, but as the Part of Fortune is derived from the phase of the Moon, this would be the same for any match played around the Full Moon. The underdogs do not win every Full Moon match, so this can be disregarded.  

The antiscion of Saturn (at 11 Scorpio 16) is captured by the 7th house but placed too far from the house cusp to give Everton power over Manchester United’s hopes for victory.  

In the absence of any testimonies in favour of the underdogs, the stars point to a win for favourites Manchester United. However, the Sun’s affliction of Venus suggests that their winning goal tally will not be particularly memorable. 

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