16th April 2022: Tottenham Hotspur vs Brighton & Hove Albion

If they continue their current fine form, Tottenham are expected to emerge the victors in this Saturday’s match against Brighton. However, Brighton’s recent convincing win against Arsenal suggests Spurs may face some strong opposition. What do the heavens say? 

The Moon, as significator of events, has a most powerful role in contest charts. Here her first aspect is a trine to Saturn which, as ruler of the 7th house, represents the underdogs Brighton: A spirited start for the Seagulls is indicated, with the possibility of at least one goal.  

Her next aspect is an opposition to the Sun, ruler of the 1st house and hence main significator for the favourites, Tottenham Hotspur. 

As the Moon’s final major aspect (within the 5-degree orb usually considered effective for 90-minute football matches) usually determines the result, this should award the game to Spurs.  

Expect strong opposition from Brighton, and the likelihood of goals for both sides. 

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21st November 2021: Manchester City vs Everton

Currently placed 2nd in the Premiership, Manchester City are favoured to win. As favourites, they are signified by the 1st house and its ruler Jupiter (at 24 Aquarius 14). Mercury (at 08 Aquarius 17) , ruler of the opposing 7th house describes opponents Everton.

The Moon’s application to a trine with Jupiter is a promising testimony of victory for the favourites. However, the proximity of the Moon to the cusp of the 4th house (victory for the underdogs), points to a stronger than expected performance from Everton.

Victory for City is the likeliest outcome, but expect goals for both sides.

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2nd October 2021: Manchester Utd vs Everton

Currently placed in the table at 4th and 5th respectively, and with 3 wins each, the fortunes of Manchester United and Everton couldn’t be closer.  Nevertheless, the pundits seem confident that Manchester United are odds-on favourites:  As such, they are awarded the 1st house and its ruling planet Jupiter (22 Aquarius 44 retrograde) as their main significators.  

Rivals Everton are described by the opposing 7th house and its  ruler Mercury (also retrograde at 23 Libra 47). 

The Moon, who describes how events will unfold during the match, applies to oppose Jupiter.  In contest charts, the nature of the Moon’s aspect matters less than the planet she aspects:  Although this aspect is an opposition, it is still a very good sign for the favourites.   

The Moon then makes a sextile to Mercury.  This is equally beneficial to Everton:  Clearly a draw cannot be ruled out.   

However, the Moon’s next aspect is a sextile to Venus.  As Venus rules the 10th house (victory for the favourites), this may tip the scales in favour of Manchester United.  This aspect is just outside the 5 degree orb usually considered effective for a 90 minute football match, so Everton should be on their guard in the latter stages of the game (and particularly during any extra time) when Manchester United could seize the advantage.   

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The Premiership is taking a short break…

Premiership football is taking a break this weekend (4th-5th September 2021) as the European national teams battle it out to qualify for the 2022 World Cup – and our Astrological Football Forecasts are following suit.

Forecasts will resume next weekend (11th-12th September 2021). In the meantime, I hope your favourite European team fares well in this weekend’s World Cup Qualifiers!

Shooting Stars: Europa League Final Special 2021

Unusual activity in the heavens promises an eventful Europa League final:  But who will emerge the victor. Villarreal or Manchester United? 

26th May 2021 will be distinguished by two events: On the pitch, the Europa League Final and in the skies, a total lunar eclipse. Considering the baleful reputation of eclipses, it is perhaps fortunate that the two events will not coincide: The eclipse occurs from 08:47 am (GMT), well before kickoff time and will not be visible from Gdansk Stadium. However, its effects will continue for some time after the event and cannot be fully ignored.

But on to the match:  At the time of writing, the team favoured by the pundits is still Manchester United, although odds on Villarreal have shortened considerably since the weekend and betting on a draw is also proving increasingly popular. With no clear opinion from the betting community, what can the heavens tell us about who will lift the silverware?  

In the contest chart for the match, the Moon’s placement inside the 1st house (and close enough to the house cusp to be effective), casts her vote for Manchester United.  However, the degree of the recent eclipse (05 Sagittarius 25) is very near to the ascending degree, symbolically eclipsing the fortunes of the favoured team.  The positive testimony of the Moon is further diluted by her proximity to the malefic South Node, a significant debility.   

Jupiter (1st house ruler for favourites Manchester United) and Mercury (7th house ruler of opponents Villarreal) are both strongly placed in signs they traditionally rule:  We might expect both teams to bring their ‘A’ game to what promises to be an eventful final.   

But Mercury is stationing direct, about to turn retrograde.  This is a serious debility in a contest chart, indicating a lack of staying power:  Villarreal should be careful to pace themselves, so that they do not run out of steam before the final whistle blows.  If they can stay in the game, there is promise of good fortune in Mercury’s future retrograde application to Venus (ruler of the 10th house).  The 10th house and its ruler often represent victory for the favourites but aspected by Villarreal’s main significator is more likely to signify victory in general, especially as it takes place in their own house, the 7th.  The Moon’s forthcoming opposition to the Part of Fortune is also a powerful testimony in their favour.   

Both sides can be expected to score.  Villarreal’s prospects look best if they can secure victory within the allotted 90 minutes.  

Should the game venture into extra time, the result seems less certain:  Following her opposition to the Part of Fortune, the Moon applies to oppose Venus (Lord 10, house of victory). In this context, the Moon’s aspect to the ruler of the 10th house represents victory for the favourites, so Manchester United’s best chances of winning will occur in extra time.  This lunar aspect perfects well outside the 5-degree orb usually considered effective for a football match so if extra time is awarded, expect it to be eventful right up until the closing minutes.   

Otherwise, provided Villarreal can maintain momentum, they may yet have the power to cause an upset.   

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Shooting Stars 25th April 2021

The pundits expect an easy win for Wolves this Sunday, but do the heavens agree? 

The Moon, who as significator of events during the match often decides the outcome, favours the cause of Burnley.   

She applies to trine Saturn who, already strong in his own sign of Aquarius, rules the 7th house and therefore represents the underdogs (Burnley). 

The Moon also squares the Part of Fortune, another testimony for Burnley. 

In the absence of any corresponding testimonies for favourites Wolves, an upset for the bookies is predicted. 

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Shooting Stars 19th December 2020

In contest charts, the importance of the Moon as significator of events cannot be underestimated and frequently supercedes any other role she may have for the match in question. The following chart, for this Saturday’s League One fixture between Rochdale and Gillingham, illustrates this perfectly.

The pundits predict a close match, with Gillingham (currently placed ahead of Rochdale at 23 points to 19) considered to have a slightly better chance of victory.

Even though they are the away team, favourites Gillingham are awarded the 1st house and its ruler Mars, strong in his own sign at 22 Aries 23. Their hosts Rochdale are represented by the opposing 7th house and ruler Venus, placed at 04 Sagittarius 49.

The Moon applies first to trine Fortuna: A testimony for favourites Gillingham which also holds promise of an early lead. Here, the Moon’s role as significator of events takes precedence, and her rulership of the 4th house (victory for underdogs Rochdale) is discounted. However, her next and final relevant aspect (over the usually workable orb of 5 degrees for a 90 minute football match) is a square to 7th house ruler Venus for Rochdale.

In a game expected to be as close as this, and with strong testimonies for either side, a draw cannot be ruled out of the equation. However, the Moon’s trine to Venus gives hope to Rochdale supporters that they will have even greater cause to celebrate.

NEW BLOG POST COMING SOON: How will my team fare this season? A method of astrological prediction using worked examples.

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The astrology of Oswald Cobblepot; The Penguin

On 21st October 1941, issue 58 of Detective Comics hit the newsstands: This publication, (the birthplace of Batman), would now witness the debut of one of Gotham’s most dashing and formidable villains; Oswald Cobblepot, The Penguin.

Throughout his long and chequered career, the ruthless and elegant Gentleman of Crime has escaped the pages of “Batman” comic as often as he has eluded his captors in Blackgate Pentitentary and Arkham Asylum, inspiring acclaimed portrayals both in the Batman television series and a number of forays into film. For the last five years his most recent incarnation, played by Robin Lord Taylor, has been winning new plaudits in Netflix’s Batman prequel series “Gotham”.

What can Astrology tell us about this most enigmatic of villains? To my knowledge, there is no record of Penguin consulting an astrologer but we do have a birth chart of sorts. A “Sunrise” or solar chart set for Gotham (which according to Batman lore is located in the state of New Jersey) fits the approximate time when issue 58 of Detective Comics went on sale and marks the emergence of Penguin onto the world stage. When a birth time is unknown, the ‘sunrise’ chart can tell us much about the promise and abilities of those born on the day in question, and (as might be expected) the 21st October 1941 was a day rich in potential.

On the Midheaven (signifier of public image and fame), Pluto Lord of the Underworld in regal Leo certainly fits the profile for the mobster, nightclub owner and self-styled “King of Gotham”. Chiron is here, too; often signifying someone perceived as a maverick or outsider; there are many accounts of him suffering cruelly from childhood bullying. However, this inability to ‘fit in’ served as the impetus to his ambition – for him, without doubt, the greatest revenge has always been success – on his own terms. Saturn, ruler of the 4th house (home, family and ‘roots’) is in the 8th house in Taurus, conjunct Algol: Among the many versions of Penguin’s backstory, there are numerous examples of which feature the early death of his father (4th ruler in 8th house) and his subsequent rejection by his extended family. Saturn is conjunct Uranus and Algol; in many stories, a sudden reversal of circumstances denies the young Cobblepot his inheritance and birthright, perpetrating the crisis which sets him on the path to crime. Algol is a fixed star associated with uncontrolled desires; in the 8th house (other people’s goods and resources), this seemingly limitless appetite is directed towards the property of others; be it money, real estate or jewels. Venus, the ascendant ruler in the 2nd, points to a complex connection with material goods and self-worth and also reveals his talent as a snappy dresser.

As a Libra, he works well in partnership with others and is a networker par excellance. He has been the architect of many an imaginative underworld alliance throughout his career, and (when it suits him) is not above dealing with the Caped Crusader or the GCPD if it will allow him to manipulate the balance of power to his own ends. Charming when he wants to be, under that elegant exterior beats the heart of a ruthless fighter; Mars strongly placed in Aries in the 6th house shows that he views violence as an occupational hazard, and a way to get the job done when plans call for it.

Mercury in Scorpio describes a formidable strategist, with a fascination for the hidden and the mysterious. Power, crime and the taboo are all topics which often have an irresistible allure to those with this placement, and it is nearly impossible to keep a secret from them. Mercury is retrograde, endowing him with an unusual approach to problem-solving: Whilst others flounder in chaotic circumstances, he keeps a clear head and knows how to turn the situation to his advantage. The Moon, also in Scorpio, adds a more dangerous tone to the mix. The Moon rules the emotions and is natural significator of the mother in the birth chart. With the Moon in intense Scorpio, this is a man who will never forget a slight. If you hurt his feelings or (God forbid!) his mother, there will be no forgiveness. The comic books, in particular, are full of blood-chilling accounts of the fates of those (and their friends and families) who got on the wrong side of the King of Gotham; the usual mob vendettas resemble a picnic in comparison.

“Gotham” has brought Penguin before a whole new audience of admirers, with many clamouring for a spinoff series dedicated to the Gentleman of Crime, in no small part due to Robin Lord Taylor’s mesmerising and charismatic performance. We have no birth time for Robin Lord Taylor either, but the comparison of his chart with that of Penguin’s ‘sunrise’ chart shows some intriguing links. Radical and unconventional Uranus in Scorpio (Robin Lord Taylor’s chart) is conjunct the Moon and Mercury in Penguin’s chart. Robin’s highly original and Machiavellian portrayal of the young Oswald Cobblepot has electrified viewers and, from the first, earmarked Penguin as the show’s breakout character. Furthermore, the Sun in Robin’s chart conjunct Jupiter in Penguin’s chart is a fortunate and expansive influence which has introduced them both to a whole new audience.

Some Penguin quotes (taken from the “Gotham” television series) and their astrological correspondences:

Sun in Libra : “…walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light” and “maybe its not our friends, but our enemies that define us”

Pluto in Leo conjunct the Midheaven : “Foolish arrogance led me astray. But I learned my lessons. I’ll be back, stronger and smarter than ever” and “This is Gotham City. There will always be crime. What I am offering is crime in the hands of professionals, and held to agreed upon terms”

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio “Gotham is rife with crime…who better than a criminal to clean it up?”

By Louise of Arabia www.louiseofarabia.com

Image of Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot; The Penguin from “Gotham” Series 5

“Gotham” distributed by Warner Bros Television

Batman and and the Penguin are characters published by DC Comics