Horary Astrology

What is Horary Astrology?

Horary astrology is ideal for gaining greater insight into a specific question 

An astrological chart will be cast for the moment I receive and understand your question: This is essentially the question’s “birth chart”.  An analysis of this chart can provide much useful information regarding the matter enquired after.  

Your birth date and time are not needed for Horary astrology:  I may ask for a little further information to help me understand your question, but the answer will be derived from my analysis of the Horary chart.   

Typical topics for Horary questions include (but are not limited to) 

  • Changing jobs or career  
  • Love and marriage 
  • Undertaking a course of study 
  • Contesting a lawsuit 
  • Buying property or moving house 
  • Business and financial investment 
  • Recovering lost property 
  • Weather prediction (for an important event) 
  • The outcome of a contest (including but not limited to, sports events and political elections) 

This is just a sample: Many other types of questions can be asked.  Horary astrology is a very effective way of gaining a new perspective on a situation or question; all that is needed is to be as clear about what you wish to know as possible. 

Each Horary consultation costs £45 and includes a digital download of your Horary Chart and unique typed interpretation 

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