FA Cup Fourth Round Special: 28th January 2023 Preston vs Tottenham and Man Utd vs Reading

Favourites Tottenham are awarded the 1st house and its ruler, the Sun. They are also represented by Venus, ruler of the 10th house (victory for the favourites).

Hosts and rivals Preston are signified by Saturn, ruler of the opposing 7th house, and Mars (ruler of the 4th house; victory for the underdogs).

Saturn is strongly placed in the 7th house in Aquarius, a sign he traditionally rules: Preston will put up a good fight, but will it be enough for them to win?

The Moon makes no applying aspect to any of the planets representing either side. However, her placement in the 10th house, very close to the 10th house cusp, favours the favourites.

Preston will play well, but it will not be enough to prevent victory for Spurs.

Despite setbacks due to illness and injury, Manchester Utd are nevertheless the pundits’ favourites to win against Reading. But do the heavens agree?

As ruler of the 1st and 10th houses, Mercury represents Manchester Utd, whilst opponents Reading are described by Jupiter, ruler of the 7th and 4th houses.

The Moon’s applying trine to Mercury is the only significant aspect (over the 5 degree orb usually effective for 90-minute football matches: Victory for favourites Manchester Utd seems likely.

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