A graduate of John Frawley’s Horary Astrology Diploma Course in 2005, my approach to astrology is rigorous and practical – the result of many of study and experience in a working, living tradition, using proven, time-tested techniques

I specialise in Horary astrology and am available for readings, astrology talks and workshops. If you would like further details, wish to book a consultation or have any queries about my work, contact me using the form below: I look forward to hearing from you!

To make it easier to book readings, I now have a new Etsy shop: Click HERE to book a Horary reading with me via my Etsy shop

Your contact details stay private and you may request that they are permanently deleted at any time

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  1. what is magical astrology?how can i help me? the map for astrology sports about national teams is the same way that teams?? i am portuguese i would like to know if portugal will be in qatar mundial..


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