Shooting Stars 17th-18th October 2020

Astrological Football Predictions for Everton vs Liverpool, Manchester City vs Arsenal and Crystal Palace vs Brighton

Saturday’s predictions begin with (what is certain to be) one of the most hotly-contested matches of the weekend, the derby fixture between Everton and Liverpool. The bookies favour Liverpool to win: As favourites, they are awarded the 1st house and its ruler, Jupiter. Everton are signified by the opposing 7th house and its ruler, Mercury.

Mercury applies retrograde to the Moon, significator of events during the match. Uranus at 09 Taurus 15 intercedes, but collects light from both Moon and Mercury by opposition, lending his assistance to rather than blocking the conjunction. A conjunction between the Moon and a key planet usually awards the match to the team signified: In this case, it points to a likely victory for Everton. It will be interesting to see how the influence of Uranus manifests during the match: Unexpected events or sudden reversals of fortune are likely.

Later the same afternoon, favourites Manchester City do battle with visitors Arsenal and, once again, it seems likely that the retrograde aspect of a key planet will decide the result: This time, Mars (who, as Lord 1 represents the favourites) applies retrograde to conjunct Fortuna; a powerful testimony for City which should award them the match.

On to Sunday’s match between Crystal Palace and Brighton, where a glance at the bookmaker’s odds tells us that the match is expected to be very close, with Palace deemed to have a very slight edge over their opponents. As favourites, Palace are represented by 1st house and its ruler Saturn. Brighton are awarded the opposing 7th house, ruled by the Moon. As the Moon is already spoken for as the main significator of events, her dispositor Mars steps in as substitute to represent Brighton.

The Moon applies to sextile Saturn, Lord 1 for Crystal Palace. In the absence of any corresponding testimonies for Brighton, this should award victory to the hosts. The Moon has over 5 degrees to travel before she perfects the sextile with Saturn: This being quite a significant distance for an short event such as a football match, expect the result to be decided in the latter stages of what promises to be a tense and hard-fought contest.

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Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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