Shooting Stars: 17th-18th April 2021 FA Cup Semi-Final Special

At Wembley this Saturday, Manchester City are favourites to win victory over rivals Chelsea and  progress to a place in the FA Cup Final.  

The Moon is void of course.  In a horary chart, this is often interpreted as indicating that the matter enquired about will not come to fruition.  However, in a contest chart there must be a result and in an FA Cup Semi Final a draw is not an option.  What, then, can we infer from the void of course Moon?  A likely interpretation is that the strongest team going into the match will remain the team in the strongest position when the final whistle blows:  In short, the favourites will win.   

The first aspect the Moon makes when she enters the next sign (her own sign of Cancer) is Venus, ruler of the 1st house.  With the Moon about to enter the sign where she is strongest, and the aspect well within the orb of moiety, this counts as another testimony for the favourites.   

Provided the pundits have correctly identified the strongest team, favourites Manchester City are headed to the Final. 

On to Sunday, when Leicester City and Southampton do battle to win a place in the final opposite the winners of Saturday’s semi-final. This chart is clearer to interpret, as we do not have to deal with a void of course Moon.  The Moon, strong in her own sign of Cancer, applies to conjunct the cusp of the 10th house.  This powerful testimony of victory for the favourites, is further underlined by the sextile between the Part of Fortune and its dispositor.   

The pundits favour Leicester City to win.  If the odds are correct, they should be joining Manchester City in the FA Cup Final at Wembley on 15th May.   

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Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

2 thoughts on “Shooting Stars: 17th-18th April 2021 FA Cup Semi-Final Special”

    1. Hi Paulo. My apologies for the late reply. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. 🙂 I was actually quite disappointed in the first prediction: The Moon is arguably the most powerful indicator in the chart. If she rules the house representing either team (1st or 7th) or is void of course, the result always seems to be less certain. This was certainly the case in the first match between Chelsea and Manchester City.
      Although the result (even to the number of goals) was similar in the match between Leicester City and Southampton, the chart for the match was of a very different character: The Moon was very much in play and hence the chart was a much clearer one to judge. The Moon’s application to the 10th house cusp favoured Leicester City, a testimony confirmed by the Part of Fortune’s sextile to its dispositor, Jupiter.


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