Shooting Stars: 16th May 2021

The pundits have tipped Spurs to win this Sunday’s Premier League fixture against Wolves, but do the heavens agree? 

Ascendant Lord Mercury represents favourites Spurs.  His placement, strong in his own sign and in the 10th house (victory for the favourites) is fortuitous, although he is slightly too far from the house cusp to signify a definite win (1-2 degrees would be a more desirable orb in a contest chart).   

At 12 Gemini 08, the Moon’s antiscion is exactly conjunct the 10th house.  A bodily conjunction would be stronger, but this is nevertheless very positive for the favourites and a significant boost to their hopes of victory.   

The benefic North Node is within 2 degrees orb of the 10th house cusp; another testimony in favour of  Spurs, just as the malefic South Node conjunct the 4th house cusp (victory for the underdogs) counts against the chances of Wolves.   

Overall, this chart looks more positive for the favourites:  With no significant testimonies to support the visitors, the likeliest outcome is a home win for Spurs.   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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