Euro 2020 Day 7: 17th June 2021

(Chart cast for BST: GMT+1)

With Christian Eriksen recovering in hospital, and his team still processing the events of last weekend, Denmark face an unusually challenging match against Belgium this Thursday.  But what do the stars say about this crucial fixture? 

Placed 1st in the FIFA World Rankings, Belgium are one of the teams most hotly tipped to win the tournament.  It comes as no surprise that they are favourites to win this match and are therefore described by the 1st house and its ruler Mars.

Venus, ruler of the opposing 7th house, represents Denmark.   

Had kickoff occurred just two hours earlier, the Moon’s application to a sextile with Venus could have won the game for Denmark.  However, that aspect is now long past, and the Moon’s next aspect is a trine to the antiscion of Mars (at 26 Taurus 15), a minor testimony for Belgium.  This aspect perfects slightly beyond the 5 degree orb usually considered effective for a 90-minute football match, but with extra time usual in tournament matches, some leeway can be allowed. 

The antiscion of the Part of Fortune, at 10 Scorpio 46 is just close enough to the 1st house cusp to be influential, and is another minor positive testimony for Belgium.

However, by far the strongest testimony in the chart is the application of retrograde Saturn to the Part of Fortune (both in Aquarius): Aquarius being traditionally ruled by Saturn, the conjunction of the Part of Fortune with its own dispositor favours the favourites, and is the most compelling testimony of victory for Belgium.

A win for Belgium is the most likely outcome but expect some shake-ups along the way thanks to the placement of Uranus, the planet of all possibilities, on the 7th house cusp.  In a previous match, Uranus (again on the 7th house cusp) salvaged a point for underdogs Wales, when a goal for Switzerland was disallowed by VAR (Uranus rules technological innovations):  What surprises does he have in store for today’s match?   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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