24th October 2021: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Visitors Liverpool, currently placed 2nd in the table, are hotly tipped for victory at Old Trafford this Sunday.  But do the heavens agree? 

As favourites, Liverpool are represented by Jupiter, the 1st house ruler at 22 Aquarius 23.  Hosts Manchester United, the underdogs, are awarded the opposing 7th house and ruler Mercury at 13 Libra 09.   

The antiscion of Mercury (at 16 Pisces 50) is placed just inside the 1st house.  This shows the underdogs in the power of the favourites.  Although not as strong a testimony than if Mercury occupied the 1st house by bodily placement, this is still an unfavorable testimony for Manchester United. 

The Moon describes how events unfold during the match:  She applies to trine Jupiter, a strongly positive testimony for the favourites, which should award victory to Liverpool.   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

6 thoughts on “24th October 2021: Manchester United vs Liverpool”

  1. If Liverpool use the 3rd color kit or kit, they will be represented by Mercury, ruler of the DSC. Thus, Man United is represented with the ASC ruler Jupiter. The Moon approaches Jupiter, but that’s more than 5 degrees, so it’s not counted. But Jupiter trine POF, so it looks to me like Man United will win

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    1. Hi Paulo, You make some great points! True, the Moon must travel over the usually accepted 5 degrees for a 90 minute football match, but there’s so little else going on in this chart I would still consider it. John Frawley (whose method I am using) would probably be stricter with the 5 degree orb limit, but I would consider just under 7 degrees is not that far out of orb and likely to indicate the possibility of a late opportunity (which may even occur in extra time). I’ve only ever read of using kit (or silks) colours in a horse racing context, but your system intrigues me! I will watch the game with interest 🙂


    1. The chief dilemma with all contest charts is which method to use to pick the favourites. I would have been just as happy had you got the result, because your method is so intriguing! Keep up the good work, and the interesting research!


  2. I know you were happy for me as I am for your predictions…I really think that what’s missing is to know who’s who on the table so I believe the universe is a source of endless knowledge..thanks

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