12th February 2022: Manchester United vs Southampton

Some contest charts are more difficult to judge than others, and this weekend’s match between Manchester United and Southampton certainly presents some challenges. 

With 39 points to Southampton’s 28, hosts Manchester United are clear favourites to win. They may have the confidence of the pundits, but due to the unusual nature of this chart, they lack a main (or even secondary significator) for the following reasons: 

  • The Moon, ruler of the 1st house, is otherwise engaged as significator of events.  
  • There is no lunar dispositor (as the Moon is in her own sign of Cancer)  
  • The ruler of the 10th house (which often represents victory for the favourites) also rules the 7th house and has therefore been claimed as main significator for Southampton 

Without any significators for the favourites, can the chart still be judged? There are some interesting testimonies which suggest it can: 

  • The Sun (ruler of the 4th house (victory for the underdogs) applies to conjunct the cusp of the 10th house of success: This is very fortunate for Southampton 
  • The Moon is strong in her own sign and placed in the 1st house, which John Frawley describes in his book “Sports Astrology” as “a big surge of energy towards (the team signified), almost as if the cosmos is cheering for it”. Although at 3 degrees distant the Moon is not quite close enough to the 1st house cusp to guarantee victory, this is still a fortunate sign Manchester United. 

With the Sun supporting Southampton, and the Moon siding with Manchester United, this match promises to be closer than expected. As the main significator of events, the Moon’s testimony carries a little more influence, possibly enough to give Manchester the advantage. But with such strong testimonies for both sides, a draw is also possible.  

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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