2nd April 2022: Liverpool vs Watford

At the time of writing, 47 points separate 2nd placed Liverpool from Watford at 18th place in the table: With Liverpool clearly enjoying better form, the result of Saturday’s game at Anfield seems a foregone conclusion. But is this reflected in the heavens? 

The 1st house and its ruler describe the favourites: Cancer rises, and with the Moon already spoken for as significator of events, her dispositor Mars is summoned from the substitute’s bench to represent Liverpool. 

Rivals Watford are represented by the opposing 7th house and its ruler, Saturn.  

Neither Saturn nor Mars have starring roles to play in this chart, by aspect or placement. Nor does the Moon, who is usually so critical to the result, make any significant aspect: At 27 Aries 10, her only and final aspect is a square to Pluto at 28 Capricorn 25.  

Pluto’s exact placement on the cusp of the 7th house is not particularly detrimental to Watford but may afflict Liverpool’s performance due to his opposition of the 1st house cusp: John Frawley observes in his book “Sports Astrology” that Pluto seems to hold a grudge against the favourites. 

The trine between the Part of Fortune (at 12 Leo 55) and its dispositor the Sun (at 12 Aries 42) is mildly helpful to favourites Liverpool but does not guarantee victory.  

In the absence of more conclusive aspects, Liverpool should still emerge the winners, although their performance may not be their most memorable of the season due to the affliction from Pluto.

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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