30th April 2022: Newcastle vs Liverpool and Leeds vs Man City

My apologies to any Facebook followers who (due to a social media malfunction) missed out on last week’s forecast. If a forecast is missing here, please check my WordPress site “Astrology by Louise Of Arabia” 

To make amends, I am including a bonus extra forecast this week.  

As we are approaching the new Moon, the Part of Fortune will always be close to the 1st house cusp. As such, it is not significant in determining the result of the match. That said, the antiscion of the Part of Fortune, and any conjunctions or oppositions between the Part of Fortune and its dispositor are always worth consideration.  

However, in the following two charts, it is the aspects from the Moon which are most worthy of attention… 

Newcastle vs Liverpool 

The Moon, which tells us how events will unfold during the match, applies to conjunct the Sun, ruler of the 1st house. As a conjunction between the Moon and a team’s main significator usually decides the outcome of the match, this awards the game to favourites Liverpool. 

Leeds vs Man City 

At first glance, the match for Leeds vs Man City, which takes place a few hours later, looks similar but has potential for a very different outcome. Here, the Moon still applies to conjunct the Sun but, as the Sun does not rule a house belonging to either team (1st and 10th for the favourites, 7th and 4th for the underdogs), this aspect lacks the importance it held in the previous Newcastle vs Liverpool match. 

Looking past this conjunction, the Moon’s next aspect (and the only significant aspect within the 5 degrees orb considered effective in a 90-minute football match) is a sextile with Mars. As Mars rules the 7th house, representing the underdogs, this is a fortunate sign for relegation-fighting Leeds, who look set for a far better performance than the pundits expect.  

Charts cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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