Wednesday 6th July 2002: England Women vs Austria Women 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, tournament hosts England are the U.K. bookies’ favourites. But recent form suggests this opinion may be based on more than local bias: Under the guidance of coach Sarina Wiegman, England have every appearance of a force to be reckoned with: February’s Arnold Clark Cup friendly saw them win the tournament ahead Canada, Germany and Spain; all top-ten ranked sides.  

In the debut match of this tournament, England are matched against Austria; themselves not to be underestimated. Both sides reached the semi-finals in 2017, only to be beaten in their respective matches.  

However, the last clash between the two sides saw England emerge the victors (Nov 2021, FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifier: England 1, Austria 0). The pundits seem confident that England can repeat their success, but do the heavens agree? 

As favourites, England are represented by Jupiter (Lord 1), with Venus (Lord 10; victory for the favourites) as their co-significator.  

Rivals Austria are awarded Mercury (Lord of the opposing 7th house) and Mars (Lord 4; victory for the underdogs) as their significators. Mars and Mercury appear to be well placed in their own houses, but they are in signs different from those on the house cusp, which diminishes their strength.   

Jupiter conjunct the antiscion of the Part of Fortune gives a strong advantage to the favourites, which should give the home crowd cause for celebration and England their first win of the tournament.

Chart cast with Astrogold for mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

“When Saturday Comes” Issue July 2022  

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