FIFA World Cup 2022: 28th November Portugal vs Uruguay

As favourites, Portugal are awarded the 1st house and its ruler, the Sun.  The 10th house and its ruler Venus act as their co-significators. 

Opponents Uruguay are described by Saturn and Mars, rulers of the 7th and 4th houses respectively.  

Saturn is strongly placed, in his own sign of Aquarius (traditional rulership) and just inside the 7th house:  Uruguay can be expected to play consistently well during this match.  

The Moon first applies to sextile Venus, Lord of the 10th house (victory for the favourites).  This is a very positive testimony for Portugal and may be enough to win them the match.   

The Moon next applies to conjunct Saturn and the 7th house cusp. This might be a winning testimony for Uruguay, if the aspect were closer:  At over 7 degrees, the orb before this aspect perfects cannot be considered close enough to guarantee success (5 degrees is considered the limit for a 90-minute football match), but the longer the match strays into extra time, the better Uruguay’s chances will look.  

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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