Shooting Stars Saturday 19th September 2020

Astrological Football Predictions for Everton vs West Bromwich Albion, Manchester United vs Crystal Palace and Arsenal vs West Ham

In charts for football matches, the Moon’s movement is usually key in determining the victor as she represents the progress of events and can often signify goals scored. In our first match of the weekend, the Moon’s immediate opposition to retrograde Mars (ruler of the Ascendant) marks an early lead for favourites, Everton. It has been observed that retrograde movement of a planet seems to have little effect on the performance of the team it represents, so the early aspect of the Moon to Mars combined with a lack of significant testimonies for opponents West Bromwich Albion should award Everton the match.

The bookies have proclaimed Manchester United odds-on favourites to win Saturday afternoon’s match against Crystal Palace, a verdict with which the heavens agree: The Moon is void of course (she makes no further aspects wherein the sign she is placed). Nor is she in a sign (Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces) which would give her additional powers to perform. In any case, the Moon makes no immediate aspects to significant planets in the sign she is about to enter (Scorpio), with the possible exception of a trine to the Part of Fortune which also favours the favourites. With the void of course Moon in full effect, the status quo will be maintained: The favourites at the start of the match will be the winners when the final whistle blows.

In the chart for Saturday evening’s match between Arsenal and West Ham, the Moon immediately applies to the cusp of the 7th house; providing significant assistance to the cause of underdogs West Ham. The only other testimony of note, a sextile from the Moon to the antiscion of Mars (ruler of the the 7th house) at 02 Virgo 35, also favours The Irons (or Hammers). Although not conclusive, this chart hints at disappointment for favourites Arsenal and an upset for the bookies.

Charts calculated with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by Louise Of Arabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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