How will my football team fare this season?

Unlike contest charts, which are event charts cast for the time of kickoff, questions about the overall performance of a particular football team are best answered using a different astrological technique, that of horary astrology: A chart is cast for the time the question is received and understood by the astrologer, and once the planet representing the team concerned is found, its strength by sign and placement together with any aspects it makes within the bounds of its current sign provide an indication of how well (or otherwise) that team can be expected to perform for the rest of the season.

This example question was asked by a Manchester United supporter, who wondered where Manchester United would finish in this season’s league, and if they would win any trophies.

Because it is asked by a supporter of Manchester United, the question is essentially; “How will we do? Will we win a trophy?”: For this reason, Manchester United are described by the 1st house (representing the self) and its ruler. Had the question been asked by someone who did not support United, they would instead have been signified by the planet ruling the 7th house (which represents any team other than the one you support).

With Cancer on the cusp of the 1st house, the planet which describes Manchester United in this question is the Moon. Her condition, and any aspects she makes (within the bounds of her current sign) indicate what we can expect from United for the rest of this season. The Moon is at 22 Capricorn 25, the sign of her detriment. This is not a promising sign for United: Despite recent improvements, the weak condition of the Moon indicates that their performance still leaves something to be desired. Any honours or trophies Manchester United might win are symbolised by the 10th house (the house of victory) and its ruler, Jupiter. The Moon applies to conjunct Jupiter, but her way is barred by Pluto, who intercedes and prevents the aspect.

In horary questions, which generally deal with matters of the moment, the slow-moving outer planets usually play less part: They do not rule houses and are only considered to have meaning if in close aspect to a significant planet. Here, Pluto’s close proximity (just over a degree) to Manchester United’s main significator must have meaning: Pluto is not usually a favourable planet in sporting contests, but as the planet of endings and new beginnings he points to the transformation that United must undergo before glory is again within their grasp. Although they are unlikely to win honours this season, the process of rebirth has begun, and United supporters can look forward to a return to form in the future.

In the above chart, the same question was asked by a concerned supporter of Crystal Palace, who asked if their fortunes would improve. Because the question is asked by a supporter of the team, Palace are awarded the 1st house and its ruler Mercury. At the time the question was asked, Palace had taken up residence in the lower half of the Premier League, a position reflected by the poor condition of Mercury, combust (within 8 degrees of the Sun) and in the sign of his detriment at 26 Sagittarius 22. There is no aspect between Mercury and Saturn (Lord of the 10th, house of glory and victory) and the late degree ascending (28 Gemini 39) indicates the die is cast: There is little Palace can do to better their situation this season.

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Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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