Shooting Stars: Europa League Final Special 2021

Unusual activity in the heavens promises an eventful Europa League final:  But who will emerge the victor. Villarreal or Manchester United? 

26th May 2021 will be distinguished by two events: On the pitch, the Europa League Final and in the skies, a total lunar eclipse. Considering the baleful reputation of eclipses, it is perhaps fortunate that the two events will not coincide: The eclipse occurs from 08:47 am (GMT), well before kickoff time and will not be visible from Gdansk Stadium. However, its effects will continue for some time after the event and cannot be fully ignored.

But on to the match:  At the time of writing, the team favoured by the pundits is still Manchester United, although odds on Villarreal have shortened considerably since the weekend and betting on a draw is also proving increasingly popular. With no clear opinion from the betting community, what can the heavens tell us about who will lift the silverware?  

In the contest chart for the match, the Moon’s placement inside the 1st house (and close enough to the house cusp to be effective), casts her vote for Manchester United.  However, the degree of the recent eclipse (05 Sagittarius 25) is very near to the ascending degree, symbolically eclipsing the fortunes of the favoured team.  The positive testimony of the Moon is further diluted by her proximity to the malefic South Node, a significant debility.   

Jupiter (1st house ruler for favourites Manchester United) and Mercury (7th house ruler of opponents Villarreal) are both strongly placed in signs they traditionally rule:  We might expect both teams to bring their ‘A’ game to what promises to be an eventful final.   

But Mercury is stationing direct, about to turn retrograde.  This is a serious debility in a contest chart, indicating a lack of staying power:  Villarreal should be careful to pace themselves, so that they do not run out of steam before the final whistle blows.  If they can stay in the game, there is promise of good fortune in Mercury’s future retrograde application to Venus (ruler of the 10th house).  The 10th house and its ruler often represent victory for the favourites but aspected by Villarreal’s main significator is more likely to signify victory in general, especially as it takes place in their own house, the 7th.  The Moon’s forthcoming opposition to the Part of Fortune is also a powerful testimony in their favour.   

Both sides can be expected to score.  Villarreal’s prospects look best if they can secure victory within the allotted 90 minutes.  

Should the game venture into extra time, the result seems less certain:  Following her opposition to the Part of Fortune, the Moon applies to oppose Venus (Lord 10, house of victory). In this context, the Moon’s aspect to the ruler of the 10th house represents victory for the favourites, so Manchester United’s best chances of winning will occur in extra time.  This lunar aspect perfects well outside the 5-degree orb usually considered effective for a football match so if extra time is awarded, expect it to be eventful right up until the closing minutes.   

Otherwise, provided Villarreal can maintain momentum, they may yet have the power to cause an upset.   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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