Euro 2020 Day 1: 11th June 2021

All charts are set for BST (GMT+1)

Charts which are of particular astrological interest will be given priority. The aim is to post predictions for every day of Euro 2020, but not all games in the tournament will be featured.

After a year’s delay, the much anticipated Euro 2020 opens with a Group A fixture between Turkey and Italy. Italy, ranked top of their group, are tipped to win but will the stars smile on the favourites as they play their opening game in front of the home crowd in Rome?

Jupiter (Lord 1) represents favourites Italy, while the ruler of the opposing house (Lord 7, Mercury) steps in as star player for rivals Turkey. Both planets are strongly placed in signs they rule (Jupiter being the traditional ruler of Pisces).

Mercury is retrograde and combust (within 8 degrees of the Sun): Retrogradation is not usually a serious debility in contest charts but combustion is, and Mercury is still close enough to the Sun to cause problems for Turkey and could significantly affect their form.

The Moon signifies events during the match: Her aspects can also point to who will score goals and when. She applies first to oppose the Part of Fortune, a powerful testimony for Turkey, which would usually be enough to win them the match. Even with Mercury combust, this must signify at least one goal for Turkey.

However, following this aspects she immediately applies to conjunct Venus (Lady of the 10th House; victory for the favourites). To perfect this conjunction, the Moon will need to travel slightly beyond the 5 degrees orb usually considered effective for a 90 minute football match. However, in Euro tournaments extra time is not only a possibility, but practically a certainty, so this conjunction between the Moon and Venus points to a likely late opportunity which wins the game for Italy.

Expect goals for both teams. If the game remains at 90 minutes, Turkey may confound the pundits and do better than expected. However, if the match strays into extra time, Rome’s home crowd will have cause to celebrate.

Charts cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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