Euro 2020 Day 2: 12th June 2021

Switzerland are expected to win against Wales in their first tournament match in Azerbaijan. Do the stars side with the pundits or do the planets have a surprise in store?

All match times are BST (GMT+1)

Switzerland as favourites are signified by the 1st house and its ruler Mars. Venus, Lady of the opposing 7th house represents Wales.

Uranus closely aspects the 7th house cusp. This is the most intriguing testimony in the chart, particularly as Uranus and a retrograde Saturn (Lord 4, victory for the underdogs) apply to aspect by square. Look for a sudden and unexpected event involving Wales. If Uranus was placed just inside the 7th house, this would be a more convincing testimony in favour of Wales, as Uranus would, so to speak, be working for them. Here, the planet of all possibilities is a free agent, and his effects could go either way.

The Moon applies to trine Saturn’s antiscion (at 16 Scorpio 49): This testimony alone is not strong enough to bring Wales victory, but it should guarantee them a goal. However, the placement of this same antiscion just inside the 1st house is a compelling testimony for the favourites as it shows Wales’ hopes of victory ‘captured’ by Switzerland.

Goals are likely for both teams but overall the heavens make a better case for Switzerland. However, expect the unexpected due to the disruptive influence of Uranus.

Charts calculated with Astrogold for mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports of Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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