Euro 2020 Day 14: 26th June 2021

Chart cast for BST (GMT+1)

aDenmark are odds-on favourites with the pundits but do the heavens agree? 

As favourites, Denmark are signified by Mars (Lord 1) whilst Venus, Lord of the opposing 7th house represents Wales.   

Were Mercury applying to conjunction with the Part of Fortune, this testimony would be strong enough to signify a win for Denmark (the Part of Fortune conjunct its dispositor favours the favourites).  However, this aspect is now past so we must look for another testimony to provide clues to the result. 

This testimony comes from the Moon, who applies to an opposition with Mars, Lord 1.  This aspect perfects outside the usual 5-6 degrees usually considered effective for a 90 minutes football match but with extra time always a possibility, signifies a likely win for Denmark.   

The only testimony for Wales is a square from the antiscion of Jupiter (Lord 4, victory for Wales) at 27 Libra 53 to Venus, Lord 7 at 29 Cancer 22.  This aspect is separating although the mutual reception by exaltation (Pisces is the exaltation of Venus, and Cancer is the exaltation of Jupiter) may give it greater influence than usual.  Mutual reception nothwithstanding, this testimony is too minor to win them the match but it may hold the promise of a goal.   

Verdict:  Goals for both sides, but Denmark to win.   


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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