Euro 2020 Day 21: 11th July 2021

European Championship Final: Italy vs England

(Chart cast for BST: GMT+1)

Delayed by a year, these long-anticipated European Championships have been worth the wait:  Every team in the competition has given their all, proving their right to a place in the tournament.  Supporters of every participating nation should be justifiably proud of their teams.  

Today at Wembley there is much at stake:  Will it be third time lucky for Italy after finishing runners-up to France in 2000 and again to Spain in 2012?  Or will England win their first major international competition since their famed World Cup victory of 1966? 

In this system of prediction, the 1st house is awarded to the favourites and the underdogs are represented by the opposing 7th house.  For this astrologer (writing from the U.K.) the biggest challenge is determining who the favourites truly are:  In this case, bookmakers are less help than usual, as home supporters always skew the betting in favour of a hoped-for win for England.   

Both teams finished at the top of their groups, with Italy on 9 points and England on 7:  Italy have won all their games, while England drew their match with Scotland.  Based on match results alone, Italy are favourites, if only by a small margin.   

If Italy are truly the favourites, as their win record suggests, they are represented by 1st house ruler Saturn, strong in his own sign of Aquarius.  Saturn is retrograde, which does not seem to be a hindrance in contest charts, especially here as it will hasten his opposition to the Moon, signifying at least one goal for Italy, (and potentially an early lead for the favourites).   

Cancer being the sign on the cusp of the 7th house, ruler the Moon should represent England.  But the Moon’s role as significator of events supersedes any house rulership, so her dispositor the Sun is called from the substitute’s bench to play for The Three Lions.   

After her opposition to Saturn, the Moon applies to sextile the antiscion of the Sun at 10 Gemini 19. Although less reliable than a bodily aspect to the Sun, this should signify a goal for England. 

For her next aspect (to Venus, Lord of the 4th house, victory for the underdogs) the Moon must travel beyond the 5-6 degrees usually considered the limits of her influence for a 90-minute football match.  But with extra time more probability than possibility, this augurs another goal for England.  John Frawley states that bodily conjunctions from the Moon can be strong enough to decide the match (Sports Astrology p86).  He also states that Pluto conjunct the Part of Fortune (as he is here), favours the underdog.  These are two very positive testimonies in favour of England. 

Note, however, the Moon’s next aspect:  Another powerful conjunction, this time to Mars (Lord of the 10th house, victory for the favourites). This should signify another goal for Italy and augurs a very close game:  Like their namesake lions, England will have to fiercely guard any advantage from a formidable Italy.  Extra time, especially the closing few minutes of the match, could prove especially perilous to England’s hopes.   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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