Euro 2020 Day 20: 7th July 2021

England vs Denmark 

Chart is set for BST (GMT+1) 

The last time these teams met competitively, in the World Cup 2002 Round of 16, England were the victors by 3 goals to nil. 

But of the two, only Denmark can lay claim to winning the Euros, beating Germany 2-0 at Gothenburg in 1992.   

England have twice made it to the Euro semi-finals, in 1968 and 1996, but have yet to hold the European Cup aloft.  Will today’s match see them through to the Final, or will Denmark be the team travelling to Wembley on 11th July? 

In the U.K., the odds at the bookies are hopelessly skewed in favour of a home win.  National bias notwithstanding, the Lions finished top of Group D and have yet to lose a match, winning four and drawing one, the 0-0 stalemate against Scotland at Wembley.  Putting betting to one side and considering results alone, they have earned their place as favourites and are represented by Jupiter, Lord 1. 

This is unfortunate for England supporters, as Jupiter although currently well-placed in his own sign of Pisces (traditional rulership), will shortly lose strength by moving retrograde into Aquarius.  This can represent a loss of position or fall from grace, and although it did not seriously affect Italy’s performance in yesterday’s semi-final, it is a potentially negative testimony which cannot be ignored.   

After a nightmare debut against Finland, when concern for their fallen teammate Christian Eriksen clearly impacted their performance, followed by a loss against tournament high-flyers Belgium, Denmark have outlasted both teams to win their place in tonight’s semi-final. 

After their initial shaky start, they have gone from strength to strength.  At current form, England would be unwise to underestimate them.  They are described by Mercury, Lord of the opposing 7th house.  Mercury is strongly placed in his own sign and lends that strength to Denmark’s cause by applying directly to the 7th house cusp.   

The Moon ‘s aspects also favour Denmark:  She first applies to conjunct Mercury (Lord 7) and next conjuncts the 7th house cusp.  John Frawley in his book Sports Astrology (p86) notes that a bodily conjunction from the Moon to a team’s main significator is usually enough to settle the match in their favour, but the additional conjunction of the Moon to the 7th house cusp is the icing on the cake, representing a surge of energy for Denmark which will make them formidable opponents. 

The only testimony for England is the Moon’s final aspect in her current sign of Gemini, a trine to the antiscion of Jupiter (at 28 Libra 18).  The Moon’s final aspect often decides the match, but this aspect is inconclusive for several reasons:  Firstly, this is an aspect to the antiscion of Jupiter, rather than a stronger bodily aspect.  Secondly, to perfect this aspect, the Moon must travel a greater distance than the 5-6 degrees usually considered reliable for a 90-minute football match, even one where extra time is likely.  Last but by no means least, the Moon’s conjunction to Mercury (for Denmark) has the power to decide the match on its own. 

As an England supporter who would dearly love to see them in the final, I have looked long and hard at this chart for signs a certain win for the home team.  But most of the best cards seem to be held by Denmark. As with the Italy vs Spain semi-final, this looks to be a very closely fought contest where England will need all their skill and tenacity to win out against an equally determined opposition.  May the best team win! 

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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