8th July 2022: Spain Women vs Finland Women and Germany Women vs Denmark Women

Finland reached the Women’s Euro semi-finals in 2005.  Spain have only ever reached the quarter-finals, although they have achieved this twice (in 2013-2017).  Since then, Spain’s form has been steadily on the rise, making them this fixture’s favourites.   

Spain are signified by Mars (Lord 1) and Mercury (Lord 10, victory for the favourites).  Opponents Finland have Venus (Lord 7) and Jupiter (Lord 4) as their representatives.   

The Moon, main significator of the progress of events, applies to trine Mercury: Favourites Spain can be expected to make most of the running.  

Eight-times tournament winners Germany are favourites for this match (and serious contenders for the tournament title) but recent form suggests it would be unwise to underestimate Denmark either.

Germany are signified by Jupiter (Lord 1) and Mars (Lord 10). Rivals Denmark are signified by Mercury (Lord of the opposing 7th house) and Venus (Lord 4).  

The Moon’s placement, (very close to the 10th house cusp) gives a huge boost to Germany, who are also supported by the imminent lunar sextile to the antiscion of the Part of Fortune at 10 Virgo 13.  

However, Mercury also applies to sextile the antiscion of the Part of Fortune, a sign that we can expect a spirited performance from Denmark, who will be determined not to make things easy for their rivals.  

Mars’ placement on the 4th house cusp may tip the balance in Germany’s favour. As ruler of the 10th house, Mars represents victory for the favourites, whilst the 4th house symbolises Denmark’s hopes of victory: Denmark’s dreams of winning are in the power of their rivals. A victory for Germany is the most likely outcome.    

Charts cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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