Euro Day 2020: 6th July 2021

Semi-Final Italy vs Spain

Chart is set for BST (GMT+1)

After a slow start in the first half of their opening game against Turkey, Italy have lived up to expectations with a string of convincing wins and a level of team cohesion which truly exemplifies the Beautiful Game.   

Spain’s initial progress was less decisive, with draws against Sweden and Poland, before stepping up the pressure against Slovakia and Croatia, where they won 0-5 and 3-5 respectively.  Their quarter final match against Switzerland was settled in their favour after 30 grueling minutes of extra time and a penalty shootout:  In this most recent game, they displayed a tenacity and determination which it would be foolish to underestimate.   

Can the stars offer any clues to which team is destined for the much-anticipated Final? 

As might be expected with teams so closely matched in current form, the betting odds are very close.  Italy are still the favoured team, if only slightly:  They are described by the 1st house and its ruler Jupiter. Jupiter is strongly placed in Pisces, a sign he traditionally rules.  He is retrograde, not usually a serious debility in contest charts, but soon will move out of his own sign of Pisces into Aquarius, a sign where he has far less strength.  This often represents a fall from grace and warns that it may not be all blue skies for Italy.   

Mercury, ruler of the opposing 7th house, is star player for Spain. Not only is he strong in his own sign of Gemini, but he also ensures that Spain benefit from this strength by applying to conjunct the 7th house cusp:  A positive testimony indeed for “La Furia Roja”.   

The Moon’s aspects are often the most reliable indication of which team the match will favour.  Here, she applies first to trine the antiscion of the Part of Fortune (09 Aquarius 20) a testimony for Italy, then moves on to sextile Venus (Lord 7 victory for the underdogs) for Spain.  Very soon afterwards, the Moon makes another sextile to Mars.  Mars’ role as dispositor of the Part of Fortune takes precedence over his rulership of the 10th house (victory for the favourites), but this is still a minor, less reliable testimony for Italy.     

The Moon’s final aspect of relevance, a conjunction with Mercury (Lord 7), would guarantee the match for Spain.  However, the great distance the Moon must travel (just under 15 degrees) is far outside the usual 5-6 degrees (with a couple of degrees leeway) usually considered effective for a 90-minute football match:  Unless the game includes an excessive amount of extra time, this aspect is unlikely to have relevance.   

This balanced chart accords well with the balanced opinion of the pundits: Expect a closely fought contest.  Italy retain a slight advantage, provided Jupiter’s impending loss of strength does not impact on their performance.   

Chart cast with Astrogold for Mobile

Astrology by LouiseOfArabia


Sports Astrology by John Frawley

Christian Astrology by William Lilly

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